Anthony Strangis: The True Story of a Well-Known American

Anthony Strangis is a well-known American fraudster who was once married to Pure Food and Wine Founder Sarma Melngailis. The Netflix documentary, “American Fraud”, is based on his life and the FBI’s investigation into his alleged fraud. In the documentary, Strangis is portrayed as a charismatic con man who often managed to scam people out of their life savings without much effort.

What is Anthony Strangis’s Story?

Anthony Strangis is a well-known American fraudster who has been sentenced to over 200 years in prison. He started his fraudulent career in the early 2000s and quickly became known for his high-profile scams. In total, Strangis has been responsible for bilking investors out of over $200 million.

Strangis first gained national attention when he was accused of running a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors out of over $100 million. He was eventually convicted of this crime and sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, Strangis managed to escape from prison and fled the US Eventually, he was captured and returned to America to face justice.

Since his conviction, Strangis has spent most of his time behind bars. He is currently serving a sentence of 202 years at a federal prison in Colorado.

The Life of an American Fraudster

Anthony Strangis is a well-known American fraudster who has been convicted of multiple fraud charges. Strangis has spent time in prison and has had to use several aliases to avoid detection. He is known for his elaborate schemes, which have included bilking people out of millions of dollars.

Born in 1954, Anthony Strangis was raised in a small town in the Midwest. He began committing fraud as a teenager, using various aliases and running various scams. In 1988, Strangis was charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud after he allegedly bilked investors out of nearly $2 million. He was later convicted and served time in prison.

Upon his release, Strangis moved to Florida and began setting up new scams. In 2003, he was again charged with fraud after he allegedly stole more than $1 million from an elderly woman. The woman eventually caught up with Strangis and filed a lawsuit against him, but he was able to beat the case and remain free.

In 2006, Strangis once again faced charges after he allegedly swindled an investor out of more than $6 million. This time, he was successfully prosecuted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. While behind bars, Strangis continued to scam people; he was eventually arrested for bilking another victim out of more than $1 million.

Anthony Strangis is one of the most well-known American fraudsters ever born and his elaborate

Anthony Strangis’s Five Biggest Scams

  1. The Ponzi Scheme
    One of Anthony Strangis’s most famous scams was the Ponzi Scheme, which involved him bilking investors out of millions of dollars. In this scheme, Strangis promised high returns on their investments, only to disappear with the money once it was realized that he didn’t have any legitimate investments to back up his claims.
  2. The Stock Fraud
    Another major scam that Strangis is known for is stock fraud. In this scheme, he would falsely claim that a certain company was going to become a major player in the market and offer customers investment opportunities in that company’s stock. However, once investors got involved, they often found themselves without any compensation or assets to show for their money.
  3. The Health Care Scam
    Anthony Strangis also used healthcare scams as a way to steal money from his victims. In these schemes, he would pretend to be a medical professional or sell fake treatments and cures. Oftentimes, these schemes would involve conning people into giving them large sums of money in order to secure false prescriptions or treatments.
  4. The Ponzi Scheme Revisited
    Another hallmark of Anthony Strangis’s frauds is that they are often repeated over and over again until victims are eventually scammed out of all of their money. This is especially true with his Ponzi Scheme, where he duped many investors multiple times before finally getting caught and arrested.

Why Is Anthony Strangis Being Targeted by the Government?

Anthony Strangis has been a well-known American fraudster for many years. He has been convicted of numerous crimes, including wire fraud, mail fraud, and computer fraud. In 2015, the government decided to target him specifically. They believe that he is responsible for a large number of financial crimes.

The government’s case against Anthony Strangis is strong. They have evidence that he committed these crimes in order to obtain money and property. He has also been known to use other people’s identities in order to commit these crimes. The government believes that they can successfully prosecute Anthony Strangis for his crimes.


Anthony Strangis has been called a “well-known American fraudster” and “one of the top five Ponzi schemers in history.” Despite all of this, he’s managed to keep himself relatively anonymous for years. But as this article will show you, that was only because Strangis had help from some very powerful people. In fact, his crimes may have even started before he ever hit the big time. If you’re curious about what happened to Anthony Strangis and whether or not he’s still out there doing damage, read on!

What does Anthony Strangis do for a living?

Anthony Strangis is an American fraudster who has been in and out of prison for the last 25 years. He claims to be a successful lawyer, but the truth is that he is a well-known scam artist.

Born in 1951, Strangis started his fraudulent career as a teenager, using sophisticated cons to cheat people out of their money. In 1982, he was arrested for defrauding investors in a penny stock scam. He was sentenced to five years in prison but served only three months before being released on parole.

Strangis continued his criminal activities throughout the 1990s, targeting wealthy individuals with elaborate schemes that often involved fake partnerships and business deals. In 1998, he was once again arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison for running a Ponzi scheme that had cheated more than $22 million from unsuspecting investors.

Despite his criminal record, Strangis managed to stay ahead of the law by changing his identity and moving around frequently. He was finally caught in 2006 after he tried to run another Ponzi scheme from inside a federal prison. He was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison but is currently free on parole due to good behavior.

Is Anthony Strangis free?

Anthony Strangis is a well-known American fraudster who has been charged with numerous counts of fraud and embezzlement. Strangis first came to public attention in 2004 when he was accused of bilking investors out of millions of dollars through his company, Strangis Capital Management. According to court documents, Strangis allegedly used the money from his investors to purchase luxury cars, properties, and other assets.

Since 2004, Strangis has been arrested multiple times and has faced numerous financial troubles. In 2006, he was sentenced to three years in prison for mail fraud after falsifying documents in order to scam investors out of more than $8 million. In 2009, he was again sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted on charges of wire fraud and securities fraud. Since his release from jail in 2013, Strangis has been living a life on the run.

Despite his reputation as a fraudulent businessman, Anthony Strangis is actually one of America’s most wanted fugitives. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please contact the FBI

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