How Leaders Can Retain New Talent

When you come across raw talent, you want to do everything that you can to develop that talent and of course, harness it where you can. If you don’t foster or appreciate the new talent that you have, then you’ll find that it will easily and quickly move on to pastures new. This will of course be frustrating for you, but it will also be costly, as you’ll have to once again try and source new talent to replace the talent that has left. So, what proactive steps can you take to retain new talent? And what should you be thinking about as a leader?

Offer a Mentoring Program

All new talent wants to improve and grow — just as much as you do. To facilitate this growth you may wish to look at offering a mentoring program. Mentoring can allow new talent to feel more connected to your business, and to see directly what you do, and how you operate.

When you’re looking at offering mentoring, you’ll find it beneficial to think about what you wish to share through mentoring. For instance, are you looking to provide career guidance through mentoring? Or are you looking to provide emotional support through mentoring? What do you feel is going to be most advantageous for the talent you wish to retain?

Provide an Attractive Package of Benefits

If pay and company benefits aren’t appealing enough for new talent, you’ll find that employees will quickly start looking elsewhere. Ensuring that all new talent has access to an attractive package of benefits is therefore crucial. Within this package, you may want to look at focusing on how much you are paying staff also how much you’re contributing to their pensions and their healthcare. An attractive package of benefits may be one that is tailored to your new talent. Or, it may be one that is built around their needs and requirements.

Create Opportunities for Progression

Even if your new talent is starting out in a particular position or post within your company, at some point, they’ll want to move on and progress. You will therefore need to ensure that you offer and even create suitable opportunities for progression. If you’re not giving new talent the space and opportunities they need to grow and develop, they will feel stagnant and this is when they will move. Always talk to new talent, and establish what they want and need moving forward to ensure that opportunities are available and suitable.

Form an Open and Transparent Working Environment

All new talent wants to be welcomed into a working environment that is fair and transparent. Ensuring that a workplace is transparent and non-toxic is therefore crucial and it should be one of your top priorities moving forward. Monitoring the current environment in your workplace and seeing where there’s room for change and growth is going to be crucial. If your new talent feels uncomfortable in their workplace or environmental setting, they’ll move on before you get a chance to make amends.

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