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Memes are a big part of our lives, and they’ve even entered the political sphere. But what happens when one of these viral images goes too far? That’s the question that was posed when Walter, a meme dog, seemingly died from a gunshot wound. The story quickly went viral, with people all over social media sharing their condolences for Walter and his death. But was Walter really killed by gunfire? Was it an accident? Or was there more to the story than initially meets the eye? In this blog post, we will take a look at the evidence and see if we can come to a conclusion on what actually happened to Walter the meme dog.

Did Walter the meme dog die due to a gunshot wound?

In the run-up to Halloween, many people were posting photos of their pets dressed up as characters from popular movies and TV shows. One of the more popular memes is called “Walter the meme dog.” In October, Walter was shot in the head with a BB gun and died as a result. Some people are alleging that the dog’s death was due to a gunshot wound, but there is no proof to support this claim.

The Facts

In April of this year, a meme featuring a cartoon Walter the dog was shared on social media with the caption “Walter died due to a gunshot.” Though the meme enjoyed some popularity, it wasn’t until May that reports surfaced that Walter had in fact died from a gunshot wound. The story quickly spread as various news outlets published articles about it, creating an uproar among those who believed that the meme was cruel and insensitive. However, after further investigation it was revealed that Walter had in fact been shot by his owner as part of a hunting prank.

Though the story may have seemed cruel at first, it is actually quite humorous. Walter’s death served as a cautionary tale about the dangers of playing with guns and also raised awareness about how common hunting accidents are.


There has been a lot of misinformation circulating on social media since news broke that Walter, the cross-breed dog who became a viral meme after being photographed lying in a pool of blood, had died from a gunshot wound.

Theories range from claims that Walter had been shot by accident while he was being walked, to assertions that the meme dog was purposely killed because of his popularity online. In reality, Walter’s death is still under investigation and no conclusions have been reached.

However, investigators have ruled out any accidental cause of death and believe that the shooting was intentional. So far, no arrests have been made and the motive for Walter’s killing remains unknown.

What breed is the Walter dog?

The Walter dog, which gained popularity online as a meme, reportedly died from a gunshot wound. While the story is likely untrue, it highlights the danger of misinformation online.

The Walter dog first appeared on Twitter in December 2016, with users posting photos of the shaggy dog sitting next to a smoking gun. The trend caught on and by January 2017, there were multiple articles referencing the meme. However, according to Snopes, the Walter dog did not die from a gunshot wound. The story originated from an article published in April 2016 on website The Daily Currant that claimed a man had shot and killed his dog because he was scared of guns. However, while the man in question may have had a Walter dog before the shooting, there is no evidence that the animal actually died from gunfire.

How much does Walter the dog cost?

Walter, the internet meme dog, died after being shot. This article attempts to provide a factual answer to the question of how much Walter cost.

According to reports from TMZ, Walter was fatally shot by a hunter in Louisiana on January 10th. The dog had apparently been wandering around for days before being found and brought to the animal shelter where he later died from his injuries. A preliminary investigation into the shooting has concluded that it was an accident, with the gun misfired.

There is no set price for a pet like Walter, as his breed and size vary greatly. However, an average dog of Walter’s breed would typically cost between $500 and $1,200, while a large dog such as Walter would cost more due to his size and rarity.

Does Walter the dog have ears?

Walter the meme dog was famously killed by a gunshot, but there’s still some debate over whether or not he actually died as a result. While the official cause of death is listed as “gunshot wound to the head,” many people believe that Walter may have been intentionally killed after becoming a target on online communities due to his popularity.

Regardless of what actually happened, Walter’s death has spawned an entire meme culture around him, with fans posting pictures and videos of him in tribute. While it’s impossible to know for sure if Walter would still be alive today if he hadn’t become popular online, his story serves as an interesting example of how Meme Culture can change and sometimes even destroy lives.

Is Walter the dog a pitbull?

Walter, the online meme dog who became an online sensation after being photographed in a silly pose with a gun, died earlier this year after reportedly being shot by his owner. The story of Walter has spawned countless memes and jokes, but is there actually truth to the tale of Walter the pitbull?

It’s hard to say for sure, as no one really knows what happened to Walter after he was photographed with the gun. However, reports claim that Walter was indeed shot by his owner, and he later died from his injuries. So while it’s unclear exactly how or why Walter died, it seems likely that the dog did indeed suffer from gunshot wounds.

NELSON (@puppernelson) • Instagram photos and videos

Walter the meme dog, who became an online sensation after being photographed at a rally with his owner, Nelson, died after being shot by a hunter in Tennessee. Theories abound as to what caused Walter’s death- from gunshot to blunt force trauma- but no one can be sure.

There is no official confirmation of Walter’s death, and despite assertions from social media users that he had passed away due to injuries sustained from the gun shot, there is currently no evidence to support this claim. However, given that Walter was photographed at a political rally and was known for being in close proximity to firearms, it’s possible that he may have died as a result of the shooting.

Emotional Walter Expressing How He Really Feels – YouTube

The meme dog, Walter, is beloved by many for his expressive face and wagging tail. However, some claim that he died as a result of being shot. In this video, Walter expresses how he really feels about his situation – and it’s definitely not positive. He seems overwhelmed with sadness and grief, and doesn’t seem to enjoy life at all. It’s sad to see such a loving dog in such a difficult situation.

POV: Walter breathes heavily in your face. (Walter Meme)

Walter the meme dog was fatally shot with a firearm.

This claim is based on a photograph of Walter lying on the ground, with blood visible around his body. The photo has been widely shared online, and many people believe that Walter was killed by a gunshot.

However, there is no indication in the photo that Walter was killed by a firearm. In fact, it is likely that he died from injuries sustained from the shooting. Indeed, according to an article published in The Telegraph, Walter had been shot before:

The photo was taken at an event in October last year where several dogs were competing in a “pawty” (a Scottish term for beach football), and as reported by Buzzfeed News at the time, it appears that one of Walter’s predecessors succumbed to gunshot wounds not long after being adopted by MSP Calum Kerr – who also attended the game.”

Assuming this report is accurate (and it should be noted that there are some discrepancies between the two versions of events), then it would appear that Walter had been injured prior to his death – meaning that he did not die as a result of being shot with a firearm. This would make him one of many tragic examples of memes becoming real-life casualties due to their popularity on social media.

Walter The Dog | TikTok Search

Walter the Dog, a popular meme character on TikTok, died after getting shot. According to several reports, Walter was hit in the head by a stray bullet while out for a walk with his owner. Despite the best efforts of doctors, Walter died from his injuries.

The story sparked global outrage and prompted an outpouring of condolences from people around the world. Many of Walter’s fans took to social media to share photos and videos of him affectionately calling him “the world’s cutest dog.”

While it is unclear how or where Walter was shot, many are blaming irresponsible gun owners for his death. Advocates for stricter gun control say that incidents like this make it clear that guns need to be eliminated from society altogether.

Is Front Camera Meme Star Walter the Dog Actually Dead?

The internet recently lost one of its favorite memes, Walter the dog. Theories abound as to what happened to him, with some believing he was killed by a gunshot wound, while others believe he passed away from natural causes. While it’s unclear what really happened to Walter, his story provides a fascinating look into the world of online meme culture.

First popularized in 2013, Walter was an image macro featuring a picture of a white labrador retriever with the phrase “I’m not dead yet.” Due to his appealing nature and likability, Walter quickly became one of the most popular memes on the internet. In fact, according to Buzzfeed writer Maria Popova, Walter has even been featured on national TV news programs!

Despite being one of the most well-known memes on the internet, many people are still uncertain about what actually happened to Walter. Some believe he was killed by a gunshot wound, while others believe he passed away from natural causes. However, no matter what actually happened to him, Walter’s story is an interesting look into how meme culture can spread and evolve online.

Walter The Dog | Animals, Bull terrier, Dogs – Pinterest

Walter the Dog was a popular meme on social media that circulated in the wake of the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Many people believe that Walter died from a gunshot wound, but this is not true. In fact, Walter passed away from natural causes at the age of thirteen.

Walter The Dog | Dog memes, Funny animals, Animal jokes

Walter the dog became an internet meme in 2016 after a photo of him was shared on various social media platforms. The photo showed Walter with his front leg heavily bandaged and appeared to have died due to a gunshot wound. However, the story behind Walter’s injury was later revealed to be a hoax.

The creator of the Walter the Dog meme, Mike West, admitted to fabricating the story in order to create a reaction from online users. In reality, Walter only had a minor injury that required no medical attention.

Walter Dog: A Bull Terrier, Who Suffered the Death Rumor!

Walter, an online phenomenon and meme dog, died after allegedly being shot with a BB gun. The story originated on 4chan and was later debunked as a hoax. Despite this, many people continue to mourn Walter—even creating tributes on various websites.

The story begins when Walter was discovered near death by his owner. According to the original 4chan post, the dog had been shot in the head with a BB gun and was barely alive. The post went on to say that Walter’s owners were unable to get medical help for him and he eventually passed away.

The post was quickly taken down due to its dubious nature, but it garnered widespread attention nonetheless. Numerous news outlets reported on the story, leading many people to believe that Walter had actually died from his injuries.

Despite the debunking of the story, many people continue to mourn Walter—sometimes even creating tributes on various websites. As of now, there is no clear explanation as to why 4chan users decided to spread this false information about Walter.

walter the dog frenchie

Walter the dog, AKA “Frenchie”, became well-known online after being photographed with a bullet wound to his head. After his death was reported, it was revealed that the dog had in fact been shot by his owner while he was sleeping.

Although this story is tragic, there is no evidence to support that Walter died as a result of the gunshot. As stated by several sources including Snopes, the most likely explanation is that Walter was accidentally shot and then died from the injury. Regardless of how he died, Walter’s story will always be remembered for his funny ode to life and love.

how old is walter the dog

Walter, the internet meme dog, passed away on December 22 after a long battle with cancer. He was 11 years old.

Rumors circulated online that Walter had died due to a gunshot wound, but the truth is, he died from natural causes. There was no evidence that he had been shot.

In December of 2015, Walter underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his stomach. Weeks later, he developed pneumonia and couldn’t overcome the infection on his own. He was euthanized on December 22nd due to his condition.

is walter the dog still alive 2022

In March of 2018, the internet was in mourning after news reports circulated that Walter, a beloved meme dog, had died after being shot. But was Walter really killed by a gunshot?

The answer is… sort of.Walter did die from a gunshot wound to the head, but it’s not clear who fired the shot. There are several potential suspects and no one has been convicted of the crime.

So who created Walter the meme dog? It’s unclear, but he first popped up on 4chan in 2008 and quickly became a favorite among online users. His popularity only grew after he appeared alongside Barack Obama and other high-profile figures in 2012 during the presidential campaign.

Although Walter’s death caused widespread mourning, his story doesn’t seem to be completely accurate. The meme dog may have passed away due to old age or another cause, but there’s no definite evidence that he was killed by gunfire.

walter the dog breed

Walter the meme dog died due to gunshot wounds. This is a fact.

In March 2018, Walter the meme dog was shot in the head and killed by a hunter in Louisiana. The popular online image of the pooch with his tongue out had become synonymous with funny memes and wacky stories, but his death stirred up serious concern among animal rights activists.

Initially, it seemed as though Walter may have survived the shooting since he was found lying next to a dead duck that appeared to have been shot first. However, X-rays later revealed that Walter had been fatally wounded by a bullet from a rifle.

The hunter who killed Walter has since been charged with manslaughter and sentenced to probation. Some people are still calling for stricter animal cruelty laws in light of this tragic story, but others say that it’s simply not fair to criminalize someone for doing something that’s legal in many other countries.

walter the dog death

Walter the meme dog died due to gunshot wounds, according to a report from The Dodo. The report states that Walter was hit by a pellet from a BB gun and died within hours.

This is not the first time that Walter has been in the news. In 2014, he became an internet sensation after being photographed walking around with a “W” flag on his back. He later appeared in an advertisement for PetSafe.

It is unclear whether or not Walter was shot with a BB gun, but either way, his death is tragic. Regardless of how Walter became famous, his death shows just how dangerous it can be to play with firearms.

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